martes, 5 de noviembre de 2013


Once in a while we are supposed "stick" our heads into the elder house, greeting, chatting and playing games with our older friends in the elder home. This was the case last friday, where both parts had a lot to share.

 For myself it was the first time I accompanied the trip to the elder home, and I do not regret it a second.It was not to miss that the people there appreciated our visit a lot, anxiously waiting for us when we where arriving. Just there we hopefully started to go around looking for our old friends. 

Once found, conversations about literally everything were hold, including playing Chess, Ludo and Parchis. In my case, playing the latter, I spent time in a hard battle among some of my own and some from the older year group. In-trigged winner instincts, bad losers and lot of fun where all included. 

I was even exposed for quite hard accusations for being a cheater, since my Norwegian playing style was a bit different; it was clear that here we played after there rules.For my own it was interesting to see how all students had their proper friends among the elder; some in groups; some for themselves. 

It was, like we usually say, two generations meeting. Normally this implies talking about differences. Here it did rather imply two groups of different age, but similar characters meeting.

Everyone has more or less an be-a-like in the opposite group.The opportunity, of visiting older people in the elder home, is a great way for us students to share experience, learn about other people and ourselves, and giving someone who deserve it a nice time. Hopefully, for me and all other, the future visits are going to imply the same amount of joy as this time. 


By Georg Michaelis  Y13 science student

viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

HALLOWEEN 2013: Primeros pasos de creatividad en nuestro colegio.

Hoy ha sido un día feliz
e inolvidable. Nuestra primera colaboración como compañeros/as del CAS.
Por fin hemos podido recoger el fruto que comenzamos a plantar hace unas semanas. Por mi parte, estoy contenta y feliz de haber podido llevar a cabo este bonito proyecto que

 llevávamos más de dos semanas preparando todos los adornos, para poder decorar el colegio de cara a la festividad de Halloween.

 El resultado se puede ver, pero para todos, lo que más ha valido la pena es haber trabajado en grupo, codo con codo, coordinados y con un mismo fin, hacer que el día 31 de octubre, día de Halloween todos nuestros compañeros disfrutasen con nosotros y entre ellos, de este entrañable día.

Jugamos, competimos, se disfrazarón y, al final, les entregamos premios. Creo que todos, de alguna u otra forma se fueron contentos, y de minivacaciones.



Cristina Brull Y12S