lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014


This Halloween celebration, as every year, students of year 12 decorated the school with the theme of Halloween and organized activities for other year groups to participate in. Also the students made themselves look as scary as possible to take part in the outfit competition we organized. So our aim was to create a Halloween atmosphere around the school with the decorations and also for the students to have a fun day with the activities.

 First of all we decorated the school with the Halloween decorations we made, we set them all up the day before Halloween so that when the students came on Halloween they could see all the decorations.

The students really enjoyed seeing these decorations and they were very surprised to see them. All of the decorations were made by us and none of them were bought and this impressed the students even more.

 Then we also organized some activities for the students to participate in. There were many activities for the students to do and we organized it so that all the students had the chance to try every activity.

Then before starting the activities the students were divided up depending on which class they were in. This way we could make a system in which we would give points depending on how well the class did the activity and the class with the most points would win a prize (sweets). 

This made the classes be more competitive between each other and participate in the activities.
At the end of the day we gave out the prizes, we chose a Mr. and Ms. Halloween for every class and awarded them with sweets, we also announced the class with most points and gave them the prize to. We all came out exhausted from all these activities but it was good to see that everyone had a good time. 

by David Galiana Wallace 12J student